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Running with Agile (2)

Tough, tough run today, but I had some great listening which made things a bit easier. Today’s podcast was from the excellent Bob Payne’s Agile Toolkit Podcast stable, entitled ‘Tips and Advice - Manifesto for Agile Software Development’. In it, Bob and his co-host George Dinwiddie, run through the principals set out in the Agile Manifesto, offering a variety of comments and opinions along the way. I found this to be a thoroughly entertaining podcast with plenty of interesting viewpoints on various aspects of agile development. I think this podcast is particularly well suited to those just starting out in agile as it introduces and touches on all areas of agile development. Well worth a listen in my opinion, even for those more experienced in this area.

Podcast running time: 45 minutes. Download available here.

My route. Another bush trail, very steep scree tracks again, this time followed by a long stretch following a river along a valley bottom. Beautiful bush made this an enjoyable but challenging run.

Running with Agile (1)

It seems I’ve finally got over last year’s injuries and managed to get into a solid rhythm of running every other day. I’ve also started to break the habit of always listening to Pete Tong et al whilst I run and instead try and add to my understanding and knowledge of Agile development and methodologies by listening to a range of different podcasts. So what I’d thought I’d do is from time to time list some of the more interesting podcasts I’ve listened to and post links for others to download.

Today’s podcast was an interview of (of which i’m a Huge fan) President Andy Singleton by Jon Udell. Andy presents a number of interesting view-points on the topic of managing distributed agile projects. I found his comments on not interviewing and not estimating schedules to be particularly interesting. This is an extremely entertaining podcast and well worth a listen to for anyone interested in how agile methods can be applied to distributed teams. The podcast can be downloaded here.

Podcast running time 40 minutes (enough for my run and warm-down)

I ran this route whilst listening. Lovely bush trail with very steep scree slopes, but picturesque countryside.

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