Hi, I’m Richard, I’m a software developer and project manager and this blog is the location of my musings and ramblings. I have 6 years professional experience in software development, most of which has been spent working with Java and JEE with the last 2 years focused on the Spring Framework. I also have over 5 years experience working in project management and IT management in general.

Outside of work I’m a keen runner and last year was averaging 20 miles a week. This year I’ve become slightly more injury prone so I’m currently scraping 6-8 miles a week if I’m doing well. I also enjoy surfing, windsurfing (most water sports), golf, tennis and squash (most racket sports actually as well!). I also love to travel, particularly around the States.

I guess in common with most blogs, this is just a place for me to write posts that interest me and my peer group. Most of the content will be of a more technical/professional nature but as time goes on I think i’m going to start adding some more personal updates.

If you want to connect on a professional level then LinkedIn is a good place to start:

I’m also floating around on the web on Twitter.