So here we are, another blog. My last one ran (with moderate success) for about 6 months last year (2007), before a mix up with my host lead to it being deleted. That coincided with a busy period at work for me, so unfortunately I never got round to restoring the content, or the blog, and eventually it all disappeared into the digital ether. So, after a years sojourn I’ve decided this month to begin blogging again. I think this will be a mixture of personal (i.e. for my friends and family) and professional (for other IT developers out there) content, but I’m not the most prodigious of writers so we’ll see how it all goes.


Briefly, for anyone reading this who doesn’t know me, I’m 29, live and work in the UK (but not for long hopefully!). My official job title is IT Manager, but in reality my time is divided 70/30 between JEE development (with a focus on Spring and Hibernate) and project management. I like surfing, running and beer ; ).