Another day, another run. Today’s run was quite an eventful one for me.. but I’ll get to why after my Agile links. I managed to listen to two short podcasts on today’s run. Both were once again conversations between Bob Payne and George Dinwiddie. The first podcast deals with the topic of self organising teams and the second with the importance of team rooms for agile development. I enjoy the conversations between these two, I like their informal and light-hearted approach to the topics that clearly they both know a lot about. I particularly enjoyed the second podcast dealing with team rooms, the importance of maintaining the flow of information between team members and how ‘cube-less’ working environments can help facilitate this.

Podcast 1: “Self Organising Teams” - available here to download. Running time approx 14 mins.
Podcast 2: “Team Rooms” - available here to download. Running time approx 15 mins.

My run route was another bush trail, 2.8 miles in total. I had intended to go a little further than this, but as I was running down a particularly steep section of the trail I nearly stepped on one of these little blighters:

Red Bellied Black Snake

As I was running I had mistaken it for a twig (there are loads normally lying around on the trail) and only noticed that it was Red-Bellied Black Snake in time to jump over it! Coming from England, where the most exotic wildlife you’ll normally see is maybe a badger, this gave me quite a scare and I decided to cut short my adventure for the day. Later last night we also had a visit from a Funnel Web Spider. It would appear Sydney’s most venomous creatures are making themselves known to me one at a time, what comes next I dread to think…