It’s been some time since I last updated this blog. I’d feel guilty (especially as I’d originally intended to post reasonably frequently) but then it’s been a pretty hectic couple of months. November and December were spent tidying loose ends at my previous job, trying to ensure a smooth handover of the projects I’ve been managing over the last couple of years and looking to make my transition away as smooth as possible. Then came Christmas and New Year, desperately trying to make sure I saw as much of my family and friends possible. Finally was January, getting rid of the last of my un-needed possessions (see friends, family and charities) before stumbling onto a plane at Heathrow on the 10th January and jetting off into the unknown.

Ok maybe that’s a little melodramatic, we actually flew off to my partner’s sisters place in Bangkok and had a lovely couple of weeks holidaying in Thailand (diving, island hopping, elephant rides, fine dining - all very nice). I’d recommend some time in Bangkok to anyone who’s never been before and if there’s more than one of you then definitely engage in at least one Tuk Tuk race - bonus points if your driver can pull a wheelie!

Now we’re in Australia and starting a something of a new life. Like rats jumping the sinking ship, we’ve abandoned recession hit HMS Blightly and are busy seeking gainful employment down under. Actually that’s a bit of an overstatement, this move has been in the pipeline for well over a year now, it’s merely coincidence that our move date came at the same time as a global economic downturn. So for the foreseeable future we’ve set up camp in beautiful Sydney.

I’m still consulting for the company I just left in the UK and doing some remote work for them from out here whilst I look for a new role here in Oz. Before I left we shifted our core SVN repository and TRAC system over to Assembla, which has let me be almost as productive here as I was in the UK. Assembla I can’t recommend enough, their rates are reasonable and the tools they have available are excellent (and even include automated nightly backups to Amazon S3). I’ll blog more on this and working 12000 miles and +11 hours away from the office at a later date.

Aside from this I’m being kept busy by a couple of side projects that have been incubating for some time, looking for work here in Sydney (anyone need a project manager/JEE developer with 5 years experience?), looking for flats near the beach (for daily surfing - live the dream!), helping a certain someone write horribly complex code for their phd (Kazuki classes urgh!) and generally settling down in this awesome country.

So I leave you with the intention of blogging more regularly and a picture of my temporary office, Bonza mate!